Use images to design & release classified remembrance ads under Display Classified ad type in Maharashtra Times & also review Sample ads to get help in composing your Obituary advert.

I want to post an ad in Maharashtra Times in remembrance of my father,I would like to post an ad with his personalized photo with a normal standard size spacing and not too small ..could you please help me with my query at your earliest...also if you can provide me with sample ads on the same


For placing an advert in the Classified Rememberances section of Maharashtra Times, you may either choose Obituary as the ad category or you can directly visit the following link: & choose the preferred edition after reviewing the individual edition charges along with the associated discount packages for the same. To release an ad with images, please choose the ad type as Classified Display.

As soon as you choose the package or the edition/location, you can start composing the advertisement with the help of the 'Sample ads' available in the 'Compose Ad' page along with a number of ad enhancers like predesigned templates, different font styles & coloured as well as black & white formats. You can also edit the header or footer of the advert as per you choice. 

Also towards the end, please specify the dates as to when you want you ad to be published & clear all your payments through our online or offline payment modes.

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