Maharashtra Times Advertisement Rate Card (2018)

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Edition Circulation Classified Text Classified Display
Aurangabad 31,119 ( Copies) Rs. 1100 ( / 5 Lines ) BOOK NOW Rs. 373 ( / sqcm ) BOOK NOW
Kolhapur 14,563 ( Copies) Rs. 1100 ( / 5 Lines ) BOOK NOW Rs. 373 ( / sqcm ) BOOK NOW
Mumbai 286,279 ( Copies) Rs. 1100 ( / 5 Lines ) BOOK NOW Rs. 373 ( / sqcm ) BOOK NOW
Nagpur 43,895 ( Copies) Rs. 1100 ( / 5 Lines ) BOOK NOW Rs. 373 ( / sqcm ) BOOK NOW
Nashik 44,205 ( Copies) Rs. 1100 ( / 5 Lines ) BOOK NOW Rs. 373 ( / sqcm ) BOOK NOW
Pune 75,000 ( Copies) Rs. 1100 ( / 5 Lines ) BOOK NOW Rs. 373 ( / sqcm ) BOOK NOW

Recently Asked Questions

Property ads in Maharashtra Times provide you with genuine buyers.  You can book property ads with releaseMyAd within a few minutes. You can check out our ad booking prices for Maharashtra Times property ads on our website dedicated to Maharashtra Times. Then select, PROPERTY from the list of categories. You will find the ad rates for property ads in Maharashtra Times for different editions including Aurangabad. We offer the lowest ad booking rates for property ads in Maharashtra Times. For further details regarding property ad bookings in Maharashtra Times contact our newspaper ad booking team at 09830629298 or you can write to us at
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As per your requirement you need to publish a display property advertisement, which is measured in terms of the ad size in per unit and priced accordingly. Also of you have any page preferences there are premium charges applicable based on the page selected. To start the booking of your Display property ad you need to visit the Maharashtra Times Display Ad Rates page. You need to choose the main edition or supplement and the city of your choice, after which you will be asked to choose the page and mention the size of your advert (Back page and 10cmx12cm in your case). That would give you the exact amount required for publishing a Property Ad in Maharashtra Times.
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Based on your requirement, you need to book an ad under the Travel category in your preferred newspaper which will be published in the classified pages. To know the ad rates for advertising under travel, please visit the Travel Ad Rates Section of Maharashtra Times. Here in you can find all the locations in which the chosen newspaper is circulated as well as review the packages which are most suited to your purpose or budget. If you intend to know the process of booking your advertisement through our website then you can take the help of our Online Ad Booking Tutorial, which includes a slide covering all the steps included in the booking process. Also you must keep in mind that the booking must be done at least 2-3 days in advance to ensure availability of the preferred dates. You can make the payment for your advertisement through our online or offline payment mediums as per your convenience. 
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Please know that for 8 cm x 8 cm ad size, your advert has to be booked under the Display ad category. To determine the rates for each of these newspapers, please visit the following pages:  For Times of India, please go through the TOI Display Ad Booking page and for Economic Times, visit ET Display Ad Booking page. For Marathi dailies, you can visit the Lokmat Display Ad Booking for Lokmat and Maharashtra Times Display Ad Booking for Maharashtra Times. For the charges, you need to visit all the above mentioned links and specify your choice of ad size and ad position in the newspaper. This will display the estimated cost for the selection that you have made and if you are satisfied with the charges, proceed to complete and confirm your booking. However, please keep this in mind that the estimated cost might vary from the actual price that you need to pay based on your designed/uploaded Ad in the Compose ad step. For your ad to publish on time without any difficulty, please make sure that the ad is booked and complete payment is done at least 2-3 days in advance to the date of ad release in newspaper.  
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Dear Customer! Thank you for choosing According to your query, please know that you can book your ad under ‘Situation Vacant’ of Recruitment ads which is the main category. You can start your booking through the Maharashtra Times Recruitment Ad Rates and select your rates and packages from here. Choose the relevant ad rate and package and move on to the next step of composing and creating your ad. You can create, compose and design your ad matter here using the sample ad templates or other enhancing tools like background colour, ticks, screen border etc. Please note that you’ve to specify your Sub-category as ‘Situation Vacant’ and your preferred classification as ‘Other Vacancies’ in the compose ad page. Next, complete and finalise your ad booking by selecting the dates for the ad release and making your payment through the several payment options available on our website. For more queries, call us on our number 09830629298 or you can e-mail us at or To learn about the process of booking an ad through us, you can take a glance at the Online Slide Booking Tutorial. The video will guide you through the steps by which you can book your ad instantly and conveniently through our website in just a few clicks.
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To know the rates, please visit the Maharashtra Times Matrimonial Ad Rates Page. You can check the rates for individual and multiple editions for the same before confirming to book an ad via our website. Matrimonial ads are usually booked on every Sunday in Maharashtra Times. So if you’re planning to book the ad, the latest deadline for you to do the same would be on Wednesday. After checking the rates page, select the relevant edition and the subsequent rate for the same. Proceed to the compose ad page by clicking on the Book Now option. Compose the ad using our ad enhancement tools or online sample ad creative. Select the dates and the payment option via which you’re comfortable to make your payment. For other booking details, please visit the Online Booking Tutorial and learn the step by step process of booking an ad online via  
Related to: Maharashtra Times, Matrimonial Post date: 05/06/2014 - 07:42PM
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Know how to view rates & packages for Maharashtra Times Classified & Display Ads - Matrimonial, Recruitment, Obituary, etc.


1) Choose your advertisement type (either Classified display ad or classified text ad)

2) Then select Maharashtra Times as your newspaper.

3) Finalize your MT classified ad category. You can choose from Matrimony, Recruitment, Obituary advt and much more. 

Additional Information

Details of Advertisement options in Maharashtra Times:


Classified Text: Ideal option for cost conscious advertisers. Text ads are simple run on line advertisements published in MT classified pages. Your ad cost is calculated on number of lines used. The base rate / minimum charge for Maharashtra Times ad is specified for a 5 line advertisement. Should your newspaper advertisement exceed this, you will be charged as per the extra line rate. You can add enhancements to your classified ad matter with screen, tick & colour options at a marginal increase in price. This results in higher visibility and response for your classified Ad.


Classified Display: Ideal to advertise for Obituary, Recruitment, Education type customers. These ads are printed on the classified pages of Maharashtra Times, but can also contain images, company logos, designs etc for enhanced visibility. The tariff for these advertisements is calculated on a per square cm basis.


Display: Ideal for business, notices & larger advertising spends. Maharashtra Times Display ads are usually expensive and printed in multiple columns alongside the regular editorial content. Users can choose to place their Ad in Maharashtra Times by specifying their page preferences of front, back or third pages. These advertisements are also charged on a per sq cm basis. Additional premium charges may be levied on page or pullout selection as specified by Maharashtra Times Maximizer Rate Card.


Benefits of booking Maharashtra Times classifieds instantly through releaseMyAd:


1) Instant booking of Maharashtra Times ads on a wide number of categories at lowest rates. 

2) No extra costs while you book your Maharashtra Times display or classified ad online.  The rates charged will be applicable as per the Maharashtra Times Maximizer Rate Card. 

3) Order tracking facilities that lets you keep track of your ad status.

4) Multiple payment options that include credit cards, debit cards, net banking etc. All these payments are SSL encrypted and therefore completely secure. 


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